Information Flow + Material Flow = Cash Flow

DailyGate App helps MSMEs & SMEs who want to Scale Up, It Maps Non Transactional Data thereby Increasing Efficiencies and Eliminating Wastes.
With years of experience from its founders specifically in manufacturing sector, DailyGate has been designed by and for the manufacturing industry to serve as a handy tool for manufacturing sectors top and middle level management to connect with their shop floor, it can be used in casting industry, machining industry, forging industry and in any other mechanical industries.

DailyGate is a private messenger app which solves the most common problem of follow up . It also enhances productivity with the industry specific tools designed for documenting communication within the app.

It can be used in manufacturing and service industries as a software / app to reduce the repetitive follow up and enhance human productivity. In fact Dailygate can be of use in all manufacturing industries be it Chemical, Food, Pharma, Paints and any other, as a dependable tool for data capturing.

DailyGate could be a precursor to ERP or can be used along with it. In service industry it can be used in BPO, fintech, insurance, banking, software, hospitals, hospitality, education and in other sectors.

The weakest link in the supply chain is information flow

Information flow + Material flow = Cash flow DailyGate is the simplest solution for flexible manufacturing for OP-EX heavy industries.

DailyGate Messenger Eliminates Social Clutter Delegate like a Pro

Send a message as a tasks and into auto reminder eliminates verbal follow ups.
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Collaborate to Scale Up

With DailyGate create a nice strong interphase with your sales, marketing , production, quality, finance teams and scale up revenue.
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What can be Measured can be Contolled

Connecting customer shop floor to your shop floor and every management layer in between Inventory management with DAILY SHEETS for real time data sharing.

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Nikhil Bellad
The Whole Team is on Same Page.
Positron Engineering Corporation
Sheetal Patil
Helping us immensely in digitising Shopfloor Data Execution.
Expert Valves
Santosh Mohare
Easy to Manage Teams, and keep track of work. Production data is available realtime, on mobile is very htlpful
Vega Auto Accessories
Very Good App for Foundrys, teams, work management and documentation is very clear and easy.
IH Castings